Diagnostic Interface FISCON Pro for BMW F-Serie

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Codier Interface Pro F-Series:

KUFATEC Diagnostic Interface:

  • Suitable for retrofitting the FISCON Pro BMW F-Series hands-free kit - item no. 38975 or 38975-1
  • Suitable for the following radio / navigation units of the F-series
    • Navigation Professional
    • Navigation Business
    • Radio Professinal (in preparation, currently only on site)
  • Not suitable for E series models
  • Simply connect the diagnostic adapter to the OBD interface of the vehicle after completing the installation - Done!
  • The vehicle is independently coded to the FISCON hands-free kit
  • Coding starts and ends automatically

Selectable options:

  • Vehicles without USB interface in the armrest
  • Vehicles with USB interface in the armrest (SA Code: 6NR)


  • Diagnostic interface


  • Diagnostic Interface can only be used once

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KUFATEC Diagnostic Interface

  • Suitable for the retrofitting of FISCON Pro for BMW F-Series hands free system - item number 38975 or 38975-1
  • Suitable for F-series vehicles
    • Navigation Professional
    • Navigation Bussines
    • Radio Professional (not availble at this moment, only here in Bad Segeberg)
  • Not suitable for E-series vehicles
  • After fitting the coding interface will be connected to the OBD diagnosis
  • Coding will be automatically completed once you plug it into the OBD diagnosis
  • The vehicle will be automatically coded to FISCON Bluetooth hands free system

Selectable options:

  • For cars without USB connector in the armrest
  • For cars with USB connector in the armrest (SA Code: 6NR)

Scope of delivery:

  • Diagnostic Interface


  • Diagnostic interface can only be used once