Mobile phone preparation Bluetooth for Audi Q7 4L MMI 3G "Complete"

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Model No: 37729
  • Retrofit possibility of an original Bluetooth mobile phone preparation with the original device for the charging cradle, version "complete" - MMI 3G for Audi Q7 4L
  • The charging cup holder in the center armrest enables automatic switching on and off as well as charging your mobile phone
  • Easy installation of the hands-free kit
  • Activation is carried out independently by the diagnostic interface (OBD interface)
  • Diagnostic interface reusable (only for one vehicle)

The advantages at a glance:

  • Further improvement of the voice quality due to the signal amplification by means of Kompenser and use of a roof antenna
  • Total integration into the vehicle's MMI 3G infotainment system
  • OEM operation via:
    • MMI control unit
    • Multifunction steering wheel (if available)
  • Display of the telephone information in the driver information system FIS as well as in the MMI display
  • Voice output via the vehicle loudspeakers - no installation of additional loudspeakers necessary
  • Benefit of the following phone features:
    • Calling up the phonebook entries (displayed in the FIS) *
    • Access to call lists *
    • Build, accept and end conversations
    • Volume Control
    • Voice control via MFL (voice module and MMI 3G required)


  • * If supported by the phone
  • Suitable for vehicles equipped with:
    • MMI radio plus
    • MMI navigation
    • MMI navigation plus
  • Not suitable for MMI 2G
  • This kit requires the integration of the charging socket holder in the center armrest
  • Furthermore, you need the modified insert for the center armrest in the trim color of the vehicle
  • Please note the compatibility with your Bluetooth mobile phone (Audi compatibility list)
  • A detailed functional description of the mobile phone preparation can be found in the Infotainment / MMI operating instructions under the chapter NAME, TEL

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  • Specific kit for the retrofit of an original mobile phone preparation Bluetooth with the original device for the cradle - version "Complete" - MMI 3G for Audi Q7 4L
  • An additional integration of a console in th ecenter arm rest or on the dash enables an automatic switching on and off and charging of the cellphone
  • Easy installation of the handsfree system
  • There is no difference to the OEM handsfree from factory
  • Activation will be automatically completed once you plug in the OBD-diagnostic interface
  • Re-usable diagnostic interface (only for one vehicle)


  • High quality audio output (also at high speeds)
  • Full integration into the MMI 3G infotainment system
  • OEM-menu driven operation by using:
    • MMI oparation panel
    • Multifunctional steering wheel (if available)
  • Display of telephone information within the DIS as well as MMI screen
  • Voice output through the vehicle speakers - no installation of additional speakers necessary  
  • Using of the following telephone functions:
    • Phonebook browsing* (Display within the DIS)
    • Placing, answering, ending a call
    • Volume control
  • Place, accept and terminate calls
  • Voice control by using multifunctional steering wheel (factory fitted voice control as well as MMI - 3G required)


  • *If supported from mobile phone
  • Suitable for vehicles equipped with:
    • MMI Radio plus
    • MMI Navigation
    • MMI Navigation Plus
  • Not suitable for MMI 2G
  • You need the changed adoption for the central arm rest in the colour of the vehicle
  • Please consider the compatibility to its Bluetooth mobile phone (compatibility list Audi)
  • You can find a detailed description of functions of the handsfree in the Infotainment manual of the car, chapter name, tel.