Bluetooth Handsfree System (with SAP) Retrofit for Audi Q7 4L

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Bluetooth Handsfree System (with SAP) Retrofit for Audi Q7 4L

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Model No: 34410
  • specific set for retrofitting an original car phone Bluetooth with SIM ACCESS PROFILE (SAP) for Audi Q7
  • This set combines all the advantages of a normal Bluetooth mobile phone preparation with that of a conventional fixed phone
  • The SAP allows the use of a mobile phone (also in combination with an operator) via Bluetooth, without the GSM module of the mobile phone is accessed
  • Data from the SIM card is read out via SAP and used by the interface, in which case the mobile phone is in stand-by mode
  • the actual telephone call is realized via the much stronger transmitting and receiving unit
  • Optionally, a cordless handset that is paired with the mobile phone can be used to discreetly make phone calls as well as text messages

Difference to conventional hands-free devices:

  • Minimum battery charge for the mobile phone, even during a call
  • no harmful radiation in the vehicle interior
  • The integrated GSM module is much stronger and more reliable than the mobile phone, especially at high speeds
  • Powerful digital signal processing realizes echo cancellation and ambient noise cancellation
  • You do not need a second SIM card as with a previous car phone
  • Display of SMS messages in the MMI
  • optional handset allows discrete calling

The advantages at a glance:

  • further improvement of the voice quality
  • Total integration in the MOST data bus ring
  • Operation via the MMI infotainment system
  • Operation via multifunction steering wheel (if available)
  • Benefit of the following phone features:
    • Calling up the phonebook entries (displayed in the FIS)
    • Build, accept and end conversations
    • Volume Control
    • Voice control via MFL (voice module and MMI-High necessary)
    • Reading SMS short messages
    • Writing short text messages with automatic word recognition (via optional handset)


  • SAP Bluetooth interface
  • Bluetooth antenna
  • microphone
  • Shark antenna
  • cableset


  • the optional cordless handset is not included in this set
  • please note the compatibility with your Bluetooth mobile phone (SAP Audi compatibility list)
  • A detailed functional description of the mobile phone preparation can be found in the Infotainment / MMI operating instructions under the chapter NAME, TEL.

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  • Specific set for the retrofit original Bluetooth Handsfree with SIM ACCESS PROFILES (SAP)
  • This set unites all advantages of a normal Bluetooth Handsfree with the one conventional installation telephone
  • SAP makes the use possible to use a Bluetooth cellphone (also in combination with a wire handset) without accessing the GSM module of the cellphone
  • The data of the SIM card are read via SAP and used by the interface while the cellphone is in standby mode
  • The call is to be arranged by the phone interface with stronger transmission
  • Optional : There is a possibility to use an external wire handset which is connected with the cellphone to make discreet conversations and send SMS

Comparison to cenventional in car telephone:

  • Minimal use of the battery of the cellphone, also while talking
  • No harmful radiation inside the car
  • In comparison with a cellphone the integrated GSM module is obviously stronger and more reliable, especially at high speed
  • Strong digital processing of signals reduces echo and noise interference
  • You don't need a 2nd SIM card like with a conventional in car telephone
  • Shows SMS messages in the MMI
  • Optional wire handset allows discreet conversations
  • The call is to be arranged by the phone interface with stronger transmission


  • Another improvement of the voice quality
  • Complete integration into the MOST databus ring
  • Operation from the MMI Infotainment system
  • Operation from the multifunction steering wheel possible (if available)


  • Shows phonebook records (visible in the FIS display)
  • Establish, accept and cancel calls
  • Volume adjustment
  • Voice recognition using a button on the multifunction steering wheel (voice module and MMI high required)
  • Display SMS messages
  • Writing SMS messages with automatic word recognition (wire headset required)

Scope of Supply:

  • SAP Bluetooth interface
  • Bluetooth Antenna
  • Microphone
  • Shark Antenna
  • Harness
  • Fitting instruction for download


  • Only suitable for MMI High
  • Please obey the compatibility to your Bluetooth phone (List of compatibility from Audi)
  • You can find a more detailed description of the functions in the manual of the MMI Infotainment system, chapter NAME, TEL.