Complete auto-leveling set for Audi Q7 4L - cornering light with LED DRL, air suspension

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Complete auto-leveling set for Audi Q7 4L - cornering light with LED DRL, air suspension

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Model No: 33501-3

Product features

Vehicle suspension:
  • ALWR Complete set for retrofitting xenon headlights in conjunction with automatic headlight range control for Audi Q7 4L

Selected option:

  • Curve light with LED TFL, aviation


  • cableset
  • Xenon adapter
  • control unit


  • After installation, the control units must be coded to the aLWR function by means of diagnostics
  • In conjunction with Xenon headlights, you also need a headlamp cleaning system, which is often installed at the factory in the winter package
  • Excerpt from the StVZO: StVZO, §50 Abs. 10
    • (10) Motor vehicles fitted with headlights and dipped-beam headlamps equipped with gas discharge lamps shall be fitted with: (1) an automatic headlamp cleaning system as defined in paragraph 8, 2. a headlamp cleaning system; and (3) a system which ensures that the dipped- Be equipped
  • Please check in advance whether the wiring harness control part is suitable for Xenon
  • Only for vehicles from model year 2010 and bi-xenon headlights with curve light, LED daytime running lights and air movement
  • Conversion to LED indicators required

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  • Complete auto-leveling set for retrofitting Xenon Headlights together with auto-leveling function for Audi Q7 4L

Selected option:

  • cornering light with LED DRL, air suspension

Scope of delivery:

  • Wiring set
  • adapter
  • Control unit


  • After installation you need to code the control units to enable the auto-leveling function
  • In addition with Xenon headlights you also need a headlight washer jets. That option frequently comes with the winter package from factory
  • Keep in mind that in some countries it is forbidden by law to use Xenon headlights without the auto-leveling function
  • Please check in advance whether the onboard power supply control part Xenon is suitable
  • Only for vehicles up to model year 2010 and Bi-Xenon headlights with cornering light, LED DRL and air suspension
  • Retrofit of LED turning lights requested