Complete Set Facelift LED rear lights for Audi Q5 - Standard to LED facelift

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Model No: 39606-1

Product features

  • Specific set for retrofitting the Audi Q5 standard taillights on-LED facelift taillights
  • If you own an Audi Q5 to model year 2012 and would like to upgrade your taillights with the appearance of an Audi Q5 model year 2013, you will receive the complete set for the conversion
  • Please select your set from the options
  • First-class design thanks to integrated LED technology
  • Uncomplicated installation due to accurate adaptation

Selected option:

  • Default> to> LED facelift


  • 2 x LED taillights
  • Tail light adapter set


  • Not suitable for left-hand drive & USA vehicles
  • When retrofitting from standard to LED facelift with adapter item no. 39606-1, the vehicle with the diagnostic interface Part no . 36995 . This can be found under Accessories.
  • There is no warning message regarding a defective lamp in the driver information system.
  • No additional costs, B. Workshop visit

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  • Specific set for upgrading the standard Audi Q5 to LED rear lights facelift rear lights
  • Do you own an Audi Q5 to model year 2012 and want to upgrade your rear lights with the look of an Audi Q5 model year 2013, so you get with this product, the complete set of specific and conversion
  • Please select from the options you set
  • Awesome design through integrated LED technology
  • Easy installation due to exact adaptation.

Selected option:

  • Standard > to > LED facelift

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 x LED rear lights
  • Rear lights Adapter Set


  • Not suitable for left traffic & U.S. vehicles
  • When converting from standard to LED facelift with adapter item no. 39606-1 after installing the car is to encode with the diagnostic interface Item 36995. It can be found under Accessories
  • There is no warning about a broken lamp in the driver information system
  • No additional costs e.g. workshop visit