Auxiliary heating retrofit kit for Audi A8 4H

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Model No: 39180

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  • Original auxiliary heater as retrofit kit for the Audi A8 4H (also for S8 4H)
  • The heater heats up the interior and frees the slices of ice without putting the engine into operation
  • Comfortable heat and fresh air regulation via timer or remote control


  • more safety through a clear view
  • fast balance of a pleasant indoor climate
  • less motor stress


  • E10-capable
  • Intelligent control calculates time and energy-optimized heating time
  • 2 heating modes selectable


  • Currently only tested on vehicles with climate plus (PR no .: 9AH)
  • The supplied hardware comes from test vehicles and went through a comprehensive functional test. The software is up to date
  • You get the standard 24-month warranty on the components

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  • Original auxiliary heateing as a retrofit kit for the Audi A8 4H
  • The heater warms up the interior of ice and frees the disks without starting the engine
  • Comfortable warmth and fresh air control by timer or remote control


  • less engine stress
  • rapid balance of a pleasant indoor climate
  • greater safety through clear vision


  • E10-Capable
  • Intelligent control system calculates the time and energy optimized heating time
  • Two heating modes, selectable


  • Currently only tested on vehicles with clima plus (PR-No.: 9AH)
  • The delivered hardware is coming from test vehicles. The components passed several operation checks. The hardware is equipped with the latest software version.
  • You are getting 24 months warranty on the items